The BI Survey 19 and Qlik – Business Analytics Takeaways

Business Analytics Takeaways

Each year, BARC’s BI Survey looks closely at business intelligence and analytics platforms and how they perform for their customers.  By taking into account thousands of specialist opinions and experiences, these reports provide an invaluable understanding as to which solutions work best for established and growing businesses. The BI Survey 19 reportedly interviewed over 3,000 analytics users this year, and Qlik, a leading business analytics platform, appears to have received some rave reviews.

If you are interested in learning why Qlik performed so well in this year’s latest BI Survey, this blog will delve into some of the survey’s key findings in relation to Qlik. 

What Does The BI Survey 19 Cover, and Who Took Part?

It’s crucial to understand the sample sizes and the products involved to appreciate the data. The report states that, of over 3,000 people who responded, 133 of these use QlikView, while 89 use Qlik Sense. So a good sample size of global users, including many in Australia. 

Qlik’s products are analysed deeply in the BI Survey and compared to other leading brands and products. Categories such as visual analysis, mobile BI, customer experience, query performance, ease of use and location intelligence apply.  Therefore, the report offers a genuinely valuable insight into whether or not Qlik is a worthwhile analytics software platform.

Highlights from the Results

The BI Survey 19 gives a broad overview of Qlik and how users perceive it. Therefore, we encourage you to take a closer look at the full report, provided in a link at the end of our guide. 

Nonetheless, if you are just after the short version, here are some of the key takeaways from the survey.

Qlik Leads In Customer Experience & Performance Satisfaction

Across multiple categories, Qlik Sense ranks as the top platform in the survey for delivering on customer experience as well as for performance satisfaction.

High Praise for Dashboards

QlikView performed exceptionally well in terms of dashboard creation. 92% of those surveyed, which is higher than the average response for BI, felt that the software allowed them to create ‘good’ dashboards or better.  Qlik Sense did even better, with 96% responding in the positive.

Business Analytics Receive High Acclaim

Another big takeaway for Qlik Sense is its performance as an analytics provider. 91% of people surveyed believed the software to offer a positive performance in terms of analysis. Once again, it is higher than the average response to generic business analytics software.

Qlik Sense Performing Well on Most KPIs

KPI results for Qlik Sense show that it is considered a leader across 50 different categories. With an impressive overall recommendation for Qlik Sense sitting at 92%, ranking as the number one choice for analytics demands for businesses of all sizes.

Key Drivers for Success

The survey states that Qlik Sense’s speed of access and extensive, versatile and innovative approach has helped it ascend new heights.  QlikView is also looked upon as an all-round, robust business analytics engine that responds well to customer demand. 

BI Survey 19 and Qlik – Final Thoughts

The latest BI Survey results highlight positive feedback from Qlik users; this input and data provided in this report will likely do much to entice businesses in need of flexible, fast-moving analytics.

As always, it is well worth reading through the more detailed Qlik survey highlights, by clicking here.

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