Why Portable Banners are so Easy to Use


Advertising is the backbone of every business’s marketing. It is what catches the consumer’s eye and gets them curious on what the business has to offer. This in most cases translates to sales, if leveraged in the right way.  Banners, especially portable ones, are one of the ways where your advertising budget could be spent on. They are usually created in a unique way that is not only captivating, but also exercises the ability to leverage the brand’s identity through beautiful design and brilliant finishing. They represent the belief that brands should be visible, and communicate a certain awareness that is both noticeable and memorable. So here are some of the things that make portable banners the one easiest advertising method to use.


Easy to transport

As the name suggests portable banners are easy to transport because, as opposed to traditional banners, they can be carried. They typically weigh only a few kilograms, and in most instances come with their own carry cases. This makes them ideal for presentations and trade fairs, since they take up very little room in the boot of your car to carry. Being this small, you can carry more than one portable banner to a conference, trade fair or other interaction public interaction. You can therefore be able to carry your brand with you and leave lasting impressions anywhere.



Portable banners, for all intents and purposes, need to be eye catching. Since they are one of the consumer’s first interaction with the brand, it is important that they have the ability to grab the people’s attention and keep it long enough to raise their levels of curiosity. This in turn makes them actively seek out the brand. At any presentation, trade fair or whatever large gathering, portable banners are a sure way of getting people to talk about your brand. Any further conversion is entirely dependent on your team’s ability to interact with the potential customer. This means that you have to have a proper customer care department that is constantly staffed with a team who both understand and identify with your product. Brochures, catalogues and business cards that have a link to the website printed in them are also a great way to ensure future engagements.


Easy to work with

As opposed to traditional banners, portable banners are a lot easier to work with. To start with, they offer a certain freedom when it comes to placement. These types of banners can be placed anywhere within the space provided, thus taking advantage and placing your brand in the place of maximum visibility. This works mostly because they have a very high resolution on printing, play around with bright colours, and end up looking pretty cool. This translates to your brand, bringing it to life while making them look really good in the process. Beyond that, portable banners have the capability to point potential customers to the point of contact. Once this happens, it is easy to keep the customer engaged with handouts, product displays, product testing, and even educative slideshows. The banners also allow you to edit and make changes on the fly, since making such banners are is more cost effective as compared to traditional banners.



Portable banners have the distinct advantage of being cost effective. This is beyond the added benefits of being flexible. Another very important plus on the side of these types of advertising aids is that they are re-usable. This should not be confused with being recyclable; the ability to recycle is solely based on the material the banner is made from.

With portable banners, you have a very durable yet flexible display method that can be switched up from one campaign to another.  They are also able to go through a lengthy promotional campaign, without wearing out. Banners that are made from durable synthetic material have the upper hand when it comes to this particular trait. There are some synthetic blends that incorporate cotton, polyester and other composite blends that are capable of not only retaining their vibrancy, brilliance and tone of colour, but doing so over a long period of repeated use. These types of banners can also be switched from one sleeve to another, making them incredibly versatile. It means that you can travel with one banner stand, while carrying a bunch of sleeves for different products. This saves you space in your car, and the expense of having to buy a different stand for every banner under your product stable.


Last long

As we have seen in the previous paragraph, banners are made from many different materials. This gives you the opportunity to choose between price points and longevity. Banners made from an inferior blend of materials will always cost less when compared to those made from a superior blend of cotton and synthetic material. These superior blends also tend to last longer, justifying their initial cost through longevity and service.

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