Japan’s Rising Stocks to Watch

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. is an Asian financial services corporation that operates multiple securities exchanges including Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.

For local as well as investors involved in international share trading, here are our best picks for Japan’s rising stocks.


Toyota Motor Corporation. (TM, Goods & Services)

This is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer founded 80 years ago and with a net income of 27.60 trillion yen for the financial year ending 2017. Toyota MC has a strong financial base, dealing in everything from design to direct sales. With 540 consolidated subsidiaries and 226 subsidiaries, it is globally known for customer satisfaction and prompt shareholder payouts. It currently has 687,028 shareholders with 100 shares per unit and a global issuance of about 3,263 million shares. This is a safe and reliable stock to invest in with little risk of default.


Mitsubishi Motor Corporation. (MM, Goods & Services)

This is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. As of 2011, it was the sixth biggest Japanese automaker and sixteenth biggest worldwide in production. It is co-owned by Nissan Motor Company Limited with 34% and Mitsubishi with 20%. The rest is help by shareholders. With earnings per share (EPS) of 164.11 yen as well as a dividend payout of 10 yen per share for the financial year ended August 2017, this is one stock to keep an eye on!


Honda Motor Corporation. (HMC, Goods & Services)

This is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate company founded in 1946 and incorporated in 1948. It operates through the following segments; Automobile, Motorcycle, Financial Services, Power Product and Other businesses. It is Japan’s number 3 automaker and expects an operating profit of 705 billion Yen in the financial year ending March 2018. Although this is down from 840.7 billion Yen in the financial year ended March 2017, their profitability still stands and barring a natural calamity, they are highly unlikely to make a loss any time soon. HMC is one stock to watch!


NTT DoCoMo, INC. (DCM, Technology)

NTT DoCoMo is the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan, providing hardware, connectivity & supporting services such as wireless fidelity to over 73 million consumers. With a net income of 744.542 million Yen for the financial year ending March 2018, this is a formidable company with a very strong foundation. It has 279,104 shareholders and 17.46 billion authorized shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange making it a secure investment option and is predicted to keep growing.


Mizuho Financial Group. (MFG, Financial)

This is a banking holding company headquartered in the Otamuchi district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange with its three subsidiaries; Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Corporative Bank and Mizuho Trust & Banking. It offers a wide array of financial services to individuals and corporations. It was founded in 2003 and had a net income per share of common stock of 21.67 Yen for the fiscal year ending 2017. This is an impressive performance and it has shown continuous grown in its 14 years of existence. Projected to keep growing, this is one stock to get in on early.


Nomura Holding Incorporated. (NHI, Financial)

This is a Japanese financial holding company and the principal member of the Nomura Group. Globally provides investment, drawing and related services to individuals, institutions and government customers with special emphasis on securities. With a total shareholder equity of 2,789,916 Yen and a total shareholder equity per share of 790.70 Yen for the financial year ended March 2018, this is one stock that is projected to keep performing well.


Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, Technology)

IIJ provides internet connectivity and network related services, network systems construction, operation and maintenance. Founded in 1992 by Koichi Suzuki, it was Japan’s first ISP. Today it serves more than 8500 blue chip clients and operates in Japan, the USA, U.K, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Listed on the NASDAQ, USA and the Tokyo Stock Exchange with stock valued at 2,241 JPY as of 24th May 2018, 15:00 GMT+9, this is a strong investment choice and is projected to keep performing well.


Kyocera Corporation. (KYO, Technology)

Founded in 1959 as Kyoto Ceramic Company and renamed in 1982, it manufactures industrial ceramics, solar power generators, telecommunications equipment, document imaging equipment, electronic components, semiconductor packaging, cutting tools and components for medical and dental implant systems. With a net income of 81.79 billion Yen for the financial year ending 2018, this is a stock with a strong base providing technology that will stay in demand. With regular and reliable shareholder payouts, this is another hot stock to watch!


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