Why Your Brand Needs to Be Captivating

Captivating Brand

Name the first soft drink that comes to mind. You probably said Coca-Cola or Pepsi, even though there are hundreds of other soft drinks on the market. So why are these two rivals so far above the competition? It’s not necessarily because they taste better or cost less. It’s because they consistently capture the imagination of their target audience.

They stay within their consumers’ orbit, revolving around them and popping up frequently to remind their fans why they love the brand. Captivating your audience isn’t just good for your brand; it’s good for your clients as well. Your interactions will seem mutually beneficial, and there’s no better way to build brand loyalty. Here are a few more reasons why it pays.

It helps you stand out

They say there’s nothing new under the sun. These are the paraphrased words of someone who was once called the wisest man in the world. While his stand is debatable, it’s hard to develop a product that isn’t already in existence. We seem to have reached a cultural plateau where all we can do is add a twist to things that others have made.

When you’re running a business, that twist could be a new perspective, a fresh variant, or an enhancement of current USPs. Whatever gimmick you select, it has to grab your prospect’s attention and hold on to it. It could be something as fundamental as your trademark. Find a professional logo designer, Sydney-based or otherwise, and come up with an iconic stunner.

It offers better ROI

Once you’ve developed a captivating brand, half your advertising is done for you. Think about how viral videos work. All you have to do is find the right content, package it effectively, seed it, then sit back and wait. The more people like it, the more they will share it, and the more it will spread. You don’t have to spend extra on marketing or media.

An intriguing brand pretty much sells itself. For every dollar you spend in paid media, you could get five more in earned media, just by word of mouth from excited customers. And in this social media age, a happy client’s ‘word-of-mouth’ spreads at millions of screens per second. Start with a stand-out brand and drastically cut your advertising spend.

It raises customer recall

Memory is linked to emotion. We’re far more likely to remember song lyrics than historical facts because of how the song made us feel. If you can design a brand that appeals to your customers’ emotions, they will become voluntary brand ambassadors. To make this happen, prospects shouldn’t just notice your brand. They should be captivated by it.

One of the ways to implant yourself in a consumer’s mind is through visuals. Invest in professional catalogue and brochure designers; Sydney has hundreds of good ones. They can combine brilliant wording, excellent layout, and emotive visual imaging to sear your brand into your customer’s mind. When they can’t get you out of their heads, it’s a good thing.

It improves your sales

As much as the customer is king and you want to make them happy, you wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t want to make money. When you create a brand that appeals to customers, they will want to buy from you. You’ve solved a problem for them and brought some joy into their lives. They’ll be glad to ‘pay you back’ with money.

This principle has been tested online with freemium apps. Customers are offered the choice to enjoy the service for free or get additional features at a fee. 30% pay for the product, which is more than the conventional sales funnel result of 10%. Keep your customers happy, and they will gladly pay for your services. Even better, they’ll tell their friends about you.

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